WIFI Survey & Deployment

Site surveying is an essential component of deploying a successful modern WLAN that provides user satisfaction and meets the needs of the organisation. The site survey process allows you to understand the unique characteristics of the facility and environment into which you are deploying the WLAN.

During surveying you can validate previously gathered design parameters obtained through predictive modelling using live network measurements to ensure that the deployed WLAN will meet the established coverage, capacity, and performance goals.

A successful Wi-Fi network must not only deliver adequate coverage throughout the environment, but also provide sufficient capacity to meet aggregate demand while also achieving a high level of application performance and a satisfactory user experience. This is accomplished by maintaining high signal strength and a high SNR for client connections.

These two factors allow users to transmit at maximum data rates, achieve higher application throughput, and reduce individual client usage time. Your Wi-Fi network design should also minimise medium contention by avoiding co-channel interference and distributing users and traffic load across the available spectrum. The goal of a site survey is to design and validate that these criteria are being met throughout the entire service area.